Marriage Preparation:

Do you want a marriage that will last even when things get tough? Do you laugh about (or fight about) how different your families are? Have you spent more time talking about your future marriage, or your upcoming wedding? What about finances, values, and potential children?

We can help you think through your marriage, not just your wedding, and help you prepare physically, emotionally and financially. We will help you learn to communicate and solve conflicts together, creating a marriage that will last even when things get difficult.


Marriage Counselling:

Are you fed up? Do you feel trapped? Does your spouse seem more like a roommate than a life partner? Suffering through a relationship because it’s the right thing ‘for the kids’? Your marriage can be so much more. We can help you press pause on arguments and help you get to the root of the conflict. Learn how to communicate effectively and reduce the tension in the house. We can help you change how you connect relationally and emotionally, which will also help you connect physically.  Counselling is an investment in your marriage with the potential to 'lifeproof' your marriage for years to come. We will build on the strong parts of your relationship, and help you celebrate growth in all areas.  


Family Counselling:

Are you finding parenting overwhelming? Are you sick and tired of the constant fighting? Are you struggling with joint custody and parenting differences? Families are complex organisms that are constantly changing and growing. Every new life stage brings new challenges, new learning opportunities, and tremendous amounts of change. Feeling stuck is a normal part of family life, as kids grow and strive for independence. The problem is, we don’t always like change or know how to navigate it.  Many times things are not broken down, we have just gotten a little lost along the way.  We can help you learn to navigate these issues as a family, establish family roles, communicate and grow together. 


Individual Counselling:

Do you feel like life is just too much? Are you anxious, worried, or stressed out all the time? Feel like you are stuck in one spot? Not sure you can handle all of the hurt? We can help uncover what may be under your hurt, pain or anxiety to give you real, practical coping skills. We can help you gain understanding and begin to help you move forward


Adolescent COunselling:

Does life seem too overwhelming for your child? Are you worried about their anxiety levels and their desire for perfection? Are you concerned that they might be depressed, or dealing with emotions that they’re unable to process? If worry, stress or fear is interrupting their daily life, it may be time to seek help. We can help them on the journey to self-discovery, as they solidify their identity. We will help give practical skills to help with anxiety and depression as they go through their day to day life.


Pornography Addiction Counselling:

 Are you struggling with a lack of satisfaction and connection in your sexual relationship? Do you find yourself dissatisfied with looking at pornography, but struggling to find any fulfilment in personal relationships? Is viewing pornography interrupting your daily life in a significant way? We will help you look at underlying emotions, triggers, behaviours and circumstances surrounding your pornography addiction while looking at the impact this addiction is having on yourself and those in your life. We will help you first rediscover the satisfaction that comes with personal connection, then have greater, more meaningful sex.


Mason Counselling specializes in a variety of areas. We take from a wide range of therapeutic techniques to suit each individual client, leaning primarily on the foundations of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy.



Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dislike.
— J.K. Rowling