Rates & Services

individual counselling

$90 + HST

After an initial intake session, we will work together to determine a course of action for the goals that you set forth. Sessions can be weekly, monthly, or every few months just to check in.

*frequency of sessions often decrease as progress increases*


$105 + HST

Following your intake session, as with individual counselling, we will work on establishing a course of action for your marriage/family based on the goals you set forth. 

Due to the complex nature of couples and families, sometimes a group counselling session will reveal the need for an individual counselling session. Alternatively, some clients seeking individual counselling may benefit from a couples or family counselling session as well. 

premarital counselling

$500 + HST

It can take over a year and thousands of dollars to plan a wedding, which lasts for a day. We get so focused on the wedding day that we can neglect the marriage we're about to start. Plan for a marriage; make an investment, and build a strong foundation for a marriage that could last a lifetime.  Premarital counselling includes 4 sessions & Complete detailed relationship analysis and report that is yours to keep.  We will focus on your unique relationship, and will work toward goals that you and your partner set together, in an effort to build a marriage that could last a lifetime.